GPS tracking system soon to be installed in Bhubaneswar city buses


Bhubaneswar: The Bhubaneswar-Puri Transport Services (BPTSL) has decided to monitor the movement of city buses through GPS-enabled device called Vehicle Tracking System (VTS).

The system would help both passengers and BPTSL which runs the city buses to get real-time data of the buses itinerary.

As per BPTSL sources, a tender has been floated to hire a private party for installation of the devices.The GPS devices will have a sensor (chip) attached to it so that it transmits the data to the central server with exact location. The GPS will help send location inputs.

The GPS-enabled bus tracker has two-pronged use. At first, it will help the agency to know the status of bus stoppages, speed at which it is moving, whether it stops at undesirable location other than that has been fed in the system and whether the bus plies on the planned routes or changes the routes.

Secondly it will also help to identify the grey areas and improve the bus service further. The second objective of installing the tracker device is to integrate it with an App that is being planned to help passengers know the running status of buses, time and schedule.

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