Google doodle reminds of Geminids meteor shower tonight


New Delhi: Google through its unique doodles has reminded the world to witness a spectacular cosmic show in the sky called “Geminids meteor shower”.

The doodles in the seven swipe screens show the background with animated planets seen enjoying a meteor shower.

The Geminids meteor shower is scheduled to take place later tonight and is this year’s largest and most spectacular light show. The meteor shower can be witnessed with bare eyes.

What is Gemenids meteor:

The Geminid’s path through Earth’s atmosphere lights up the sky.

As Phaethon’s orbit leads it near the sun, the extreme heat causes it to fracture and leaves a trail of debris in its orbital path. Every December, Earth’s orbit leads us through the trail of 3200 Phaethon and its debris crashes into our atmosphere at 79,000 miles (127,000 km) per hour. Once through the Earth’s atmosphere, the Geminids’ radiant (or where it appears to originate) is the constellation Gemini.

The “rock comet” came within 10.2 million km of Earth this past December.

The Geminids use to peak at just 30 meteors per hour but because Jupiter’s gravity has brought the shower closer to our planet, it has increased the rate of shooting stars.

Geminids in India:

The highest number of Gemini rates will be seen by those in the Northern Hemisphere. The Gemini Meteor Shower 2018 will be active from December 4 to 17 but the most active period is the evening of December 13 to 14.

The best time to view the shower is at the peak time of night, so from around 2 am from across the world.

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