Flood situation affected train services


Bhubaneswar: Due to heavy rain causing flood situation in Rayagada District of Odisha, Railway Bridge Number 585 between Theruvali & Singapur Road Railway Stations in Titilagarh-Rayagada Railway Section washed out.

As a result, train services have been controlled; short terminated & cancelled on Sunday.

CONTROLLED ENROUTE: 18006 Jagadalpur-Howrah Samaleswari Express. 22847 Visakhapatnam-LTT Express. 12756 Nanded-Sambalpur Express. 57271 Vijayawada-Rayagada Passenger. 12808 Nizamuddin-Visakhapatnam Samata Express. 18301 Sambalpur-Rayagada Express. 12755 Sambalpur-Nanded Express. 58527 Raipur-Visakhapatnam Passenger train.

CANCELLATION: 18211 Durg-Jagadalpur Passenger leaving Durg on Sunday (16.07.2017). 18212 Jagadalpur-Durg Express scheduled to leave Jagadalpur on Monday (17.07.2017).

SHORT-TERMINATION: 18301 Sambalpur-Rayagada Express leaving Sambalpur on Sunady (16.07.2017) will run upto Muniguda and will return as 18302 Rayagada-Sambalpur Express from Muniguda to Sambalpur.

Services of 18301/18302 Sambalpur-Rayagada-Sambalpur Express will remain cancelled between Muniguda & Rayagada from both the directions.

58527 Raipur-Visakhapatnam Passenger leaving Raipur on Sunday will be short terminated at Titilagarh. 18005 Howrah-Jagadalpur Samaleswari Express left Howrah on Saturday short terminated at Titilagarh and will return as 18006 Jagadalpur-Howrah Samaleswari Express from Titilagarh to Howrah on Sunday. 18006 -Howrah Samaleswari Express left Jagadalpur on Sunday (16.07.2017) will run upto Rayagada and will return as 18005 Howrah-Jagadalpur Samaleswari Express from Rayagada to Jagadalpur.

Services of 18005/18006 Howrah-Jagadalpur-Howrah Samaleswari Express will remain cancelled between Titilagarh & Rayagada today from both the directions. 58301 Sambalpur-Koraput Passenger left Sambalpur on Sunday will be short terminated at Lanjigarh Road. 58302 Koraput-Sambalpur Pasenger scheduled to leave Koraput on Monday (17.07.2017) will originate from Lanjigarh Road instead of Koraput towards Sambalpur. Services of 58301/58302 Sambalpur-Koraput-Sambalpur Passenger will remain cancelled between Lanjigarh Road & Koraput from both the directions.

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