Finally a ‘World-Class’ rapper from Odisha


Bhubaneswar: Born in Odisha’s Puri, raised in Darjeeling and staying in Bengaluru, Samir Rishu Mohanty has been an idol for many in the world of rapping.

This Puri born kid known as ‘Big Deal’ in rapping world can give Badshah and Honey Singh or any rapper a hard run for their money. Born to an Indian Father and a Japanese mother, he commiserates rightly on the track ‘One Kid’.

Born in Puri, career in Bengaluru as a musician after an MCA degree and a job opportunity at Infosys that he did not take up, Samir in his every rap has a story to tell.

It ais about an year ago that he decided to crowd fund his album for which he  raised Rs 1.6 lakh out of the required 2.5 lakh. The rest came from his savings and a company called ‘Qyuki’, which helped him to reach his monetary goal to work on his music video.

It may be noted here that he was 16 when he began rapping. Those days (he is 27 now), people did not hesitate to laugh at a rapper. But he stood strong and chased his dreams and now, he has released his debut album ‘One Kid with a Dream’.

His future plans include taking his music to Japan and USA. In fact, he has planned to move to the US for a while to witness hip hop culture first hand, learn from the greats and hopefully become one of the biggest rappers that everyone has seen.

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