FIFA approves World Cup expansion to 48 teams


Zurich : International soccer governing body FIFA on Tuesday voted to expand the World Cup from currently 32 teams to 48 and set aside any concerns that such a step would lead to make the most anticipated sporting event to substandard.

The football body said that the council had voted unanimously for the change to be introduced during the 2026 tournament.

The new format is scheduled to comprise a first round of 16 groups of three teams and said that further details will be laid out in coming days.

The proposal was one of the main suggestions by the incumbent FIFA Chief Gianni Infantino during his election campaign.

The world soccer body has total of 211 members and out of that 135 have never been to the greatest stage of the game the world cup so such a decision to expand is never a worry for most nations while leading European powerhouses and monopoly laid football clubs have always gone against the decision marking it as a big gamble to the already winning formula of the game.

Similarly another discouraging fact could be the number of matches at the end of the group stage where which team would go through the next stage became a obvious thus making the game more unlikely to be exciting.

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