‘Fake currency racket’: Accused Rajkishore produced fake notes in a bid to take revenge


Bhubaneswar: After being arrested by the commissionerate police, master mind of the ‘fake currency’ racket has revealed an important information to the police on Wednesday. In his statement during the interrogation process, he has said that he was producing fake notes in a bid to take revenge with a drug dealer, who had cheated him.

Tudu told the police that he had learnt the art of making counterfeit currency notes by watching a You Tube video and then started printing fake notes out of plain paper using Photoshop software. He said that he was using these fake notes to purchase drugs.

Tudu said he had given Rs 8,000 original currency notes to a drug dealer, but the latter cheated him by giving only sand and chips. The next time he gave him Rs 10,000 counterfeit notes and got the drugs. But again when he gave Rs 5,000, he was caught red-handed.

Tudu after his arrest on Tuesday had said one Fugu of Mayurbhanj district had given him the counterfeit currency and also taught him to photocopy the Rs 500 notes.

Meanwhile, the Commissionerate police are inquiring if the accused had circulated any counterfeit currency in the city and any other accused are involved in the case.


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