Excise sleuths inspect four dance bars in city


Bhubaneswar: Excise officials on Saturday scrutinized four dance bars in city to know whether they are adhering to the guidelines. The four dance bars were granted permissions to allow bar dance earlier this week.

The bars which were served closure notices on May 2014 were cleared by Revenue Council after some owners promised safety and dignity to girls taking part in bar dance.

Since some guidelines like mandatory ID cards, installation of CCTV cameras were asked to keep up the excise department had warned that it would regularly inspect the conditions of the bars to find out if the norms are flouted.

It is to be noted that as many as twelve city bars were found violating norms while allowing bar dance especially for girls. As per regulation laid down by Section 25 of Odisha, Bihar Act, 1915 girls or women cannot be engaged in dancing inside a bar.

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