Esha Gupta apologises to Nigerian footballer for making racist remarks


Mumbai: Bollywood actress Esha Gupta, who was slammed for her racist remarks against Nigerian footballer Alexander Iwobi, has now penned an apology letter to the sportsperson.

In her apology, Esha wrote: “I am extremely sorry for my ignorant action last Friday. Being an ardent fan of many years, I was deeply engrossed and caught up in the game”.

Esha said that she “clearly did not realise the racial undertone” from her friend’s message, which she had shared on Instagram last week.“For this, I am deeply regretful. I cannot begin to imagine how much I have hurt your sentiments. Racism has absolutely no place in my heart, and I promise you, for whatever it’s worth, going forward this will never happen again,” Esha wrote.

The Bollywood actress even wrote a letter to the Arsenal Football Club, wherein she wrote: “I hope the club can accept my humblest apology and give me the opportunity to make amends. I promise to be very responsible from here on”.

A week ago, Esha Gupta, through her social media handle, had shared a screenshot of her WhatsApp conversation with her friend.

In the conversation, the actress and her friend criticised Alexander Iwobi for his performance and her friend addressed the footballer as ‘gorilla’ and said ‘evolution stopped for him’.

Soon after sharing the message, she realised her mistake and deleted the story from her Instagram profile. But the screengrabs went viral on the Instagram and fans fumed with anger over her racist remarks.

However, now the actress has penned down an apology letter.

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