Elephant electrocuted to death in Assam


Bokajan (Assam): A wild tusker at Nambar Nadi tea estate in Bokajan electrocuted to death in Assam after it came in contact with high tension live electric wire.

The death of the pachyderm has unnerved animal lovers in the state. It is worthwhile to mention here that a jumbo was electrocuted to death after the animal came in contact with an 11kv electric line in Sansaraposi village in Mayurbhanj district of Odisha on Thursday.

Seven pachyderms were electrocuted a fortnight ago after they came in contact with precariously hanging high tension electric lines at Kamalanga village in Dhenkanal district. Official sources said 655 elephants were killed in India from 2009 to 2017. Apart from electrocution, other reasons for the death of tuskers include train accidents, poaching, and poisoning.


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