Education must inculcate values, morals and ethics: Vice President


New Delhi: The Vice President of India, M Venkaiah Naidu has stressed on the need to provide education that inculcates values, morals and ethics. He said that Education is not just accumulation of knowledge from textbooks and quoted Albert Einstein saying that education is not just learning of facts but training of mind to think.

Delivering the Annual Convocation address at the prestigious Presidency College in Chennai today, the Vice President lauded the contributions made by the noted alumni of the institution.  He appreciated the college for their policy of inclusive education and for their zeal in promoting research and scientific spirit.

The Vice President said that sometimes, asking the right questions is more important than having the right answers. He urged the students to grow up with courage and conviction to question the irrational and critique the illogical. Students should develop the moral fibre and strength of character to have and hold their own opinions and viewpoints, Naidu added.

The Vice President assured them that marks obtained in texts and examinations were not true measures of their calibre. He insisted that the students never restrict themselves from pursuing their goals because of their marks.

Naidu said that young graduates should know how to work in a team and learn to trust and be trustworthy. He commented that nothing was more important than developing the ability to put the needs of the group ahead of one’s personal requirements.

Students should be well-rounded people, should develop a taste in arts, music, painting and dancing. He added that art would refresh, relax and comfort a person and grant solace.

Asking the youngsters to be responsive to the needs of the less fortunate, Naidu asked them to develop the habit of caring and sharing from a young age. He also asked them to adopt noble missions such as Swachh Bharat and take lead in making India clean. Such initiatives should take the shape of a people’s movement to realise the dreams of Mahatma Gandhi, he added.

The Minister for Fisheries and Personnel and Administrative Reforms, Tamil Nadu, D Jayakumar and other dignitaries were present on the occasion. More than 1000 students, faculty members and researchers were present at the convocation function.

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