Ed Sheeran ‘Shape of You’ in Odissi by Detour Odisha


Bhubaneswar: Have you ever imagined witnessing Odissi dance to the tunes of popular English music “Shape of You” by English singer Edward Christopher Ed Sheeran? A group of youths working in a tourism start-up “Detour” in the state have created unique cover up for this song and the video is trending on social media.

The 4.25 minutes video in which five female Odissi dancers are seen dancing at various historical places in Bhubaneswar with the monuments like Dhauli peace pagoda, the ruins of Sishupalgarh and Brahmeswar temple on the background.

The team members said that they wanted to promote the tourism potential of the state to the World through this video. “This is a unique thing to do by shooting a video of Odissi dance to Ed Sheeran song “Shape of You”, the original video has over 44 crore views on Youtube only. We saw there are so many covers for this song and we decided to do something new and different. Through this video we could show Odissi as well as few monuments of the state,” said Sophia Simon, one of the team members.

They have added one thing to the music which is the chimes of ghungru- that’s going on throughout the video on the background.

“We hope this video will capture the imagination of people who watch it and help create awareness among outsiders about the monuments and heritages in Bhubaneswar,” said Sabyasachi Jana, who has shot the video along with Vinay Pateel.

“We gave the dancers the music and they choreographed the dance steps impromptu at the shooting set. It was shot in a day,” said Kartik Aruda, another member of the team.

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