ECoR announces new train halts for Cuttack Railway Station


Bhubaneswar: East Coast Railway (ECoR) on Saturday declared new train stations for Odisha and all important train halts at Cuttack station.

The ECoR in a statement said Cuttack station would get stoppages of trains like Guwahati Chennai express, Dibrugarh-chennai express, Howrah-kanyakumari express and Howrah Ernakulam express. These trains were earlier bypassing through Naraj Junction without going into Cuttack but hereafter these would halt at the silver city making it more comfortable for train commuters.

While Guwahati-Chennai would start stoppages from November 18, Howrah-Ernakulam would begin halts from November 17.

Simialry, Howarah-Kanyakumarai would station at Cuttack from November 21 Dibrugarh Chennai would halt from November20, the ECoR said.

Meanwhile, some other new stations have also been listed as functional and liable for train stoppages  notably, Bargarh Road, Kesinga, Muniguda. Trains as per the status of the station would begin stoppages at these right from November 14 midnight

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