Dust storm with wind speed of 70 kilometres per hour hits Delhi


New Delhi: A high-velocity dust storm hit the national capital late night on Monday, the storm with a wind speed of 70 kilometres per hours, hit Delhi around 11.20 pm, the IMD official said.

Earlier in the day, the Delhi government decided to close all evening schools on Tuesday and put search and rescue teams on standby in the wake of the meteorological (MeT) department issuing a warning of heavy rain and thunderstorm.

The traffic police has alerted their field formations to be ready to remove obstacles such as fallen trees and asked commuters to check weather conditions before travelling. The Delhi Metro, too, has decided to exercise extreme caution in running of trains in the wake of the warning.

The government said that all evening schools (second shift which starts from the afternoon) will be shut today after chief secretary chaired a high-level meeting to review the preparedness in the wake of the warning. Officials of the fire, revenue, traffic police, home, public works departments and others were present in the meeting chaired by the chief secretary.

“All evening schools will remain closed today following the weather warning,” a senior government official told.

The government has also asked other schools to not hold outdoor activities and extracurricular activities between 3 pm to 7 pm during which winds speed is expected to remain high. The government also asked people to ensure that children and animals are inside and unplug unnecessary electrical appliances. The advisory also asked citizens to avoid taking a bath or shower or running water for any purpose. “This is because lightning can travel along pipes.

The IMD issued an amber-coloured alert, indicating severe weather, for parts of Jammu and Kashmir, Uttarkhand, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Delhi, Chandigarh, western Uttar Pradesh, Sikkim and West Bengal.

Earlier in the day, the revenue department of the Delhi government has issued directions to all district officers and said water and power utilities would also keep restoration teams ready.

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