Don’t disclose ATM, Aadhaar details to anyone: Odisha Police


Bhubaneswar: As the last date of linking bank account with Aadhaar card being February 28, 2018, several fraudsters are trying to derive the details and dupe innocent people by taking away their cash and bank account deposits.

Many such cases have been reported in recent days of people receiving phone calls and the caller asking them for details of their ATM and Aadhaar details following which the victims receive a text message on his mobile phone regarding debit of cash from their bank accounts.

As per IT experts, it becomes easy for hackers to transfer money from one account to another after getting Aadhaar card number and registered phone number of a particular bank account.

The police have requested the people not to disclose their ATM card number, pin number and Aadhaar Card details over the phone or by any other mode. Otherwise fraudsters would dupe them of their hard earned money.

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