Dhanu Yatra: Kansa rules Bargarh


Bargarh: Famous Dhanu Yatra of Bargarh kick started on Monday with King Kansa beginning his rule on the town that has transformed into Mathura. While nearby river Jeera has become river Yamuna, Ambapali, located at the outskirts of Bargarh on the other side of Jeera river has become Gopapura for the festival.

This year the event was dragged into controversies be it regarding the site of setting up Kansa’s court or actor Hrushikesh Bhoi playing Kansa. Bhoi has been performing as Kansa since the last eight years. The rule does not allow the actor to play Kansa anywhere else whereas Bhoi had, which pulled him into controversy. He later apologised and is playing Kansa this year too.

The mass festival was first hosted in 1947-48 to celebrate the Indian independence wherein mythological king ‘Kansa’ rules Bargarh for 11 days during the festival. Kansa is seen imposing fines on traffic offenders and spreading awareness on civic rules.

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