Demonetisation: Panic gripped people, humour gripped social media


Bhubaneswar: After Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s move of doing away with Rs 500 and Rs 1000 from Tuesday midnight panic in the public continued while various steps to provide assistance have been taken by the Union Government and RBI. Meanwhile, on a lighter note, even amid all the confusion and shock, social media members found time to find fun in the move.


People were seen queuing up at petrol pumps, medicine stores that are accepting the Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes while there was some chaos in grocery and vegetable markets for change across the state. The shut ATMs added to their woes. Small time traders faced most hardships.

panic after demonetisation

Following huge jams at toll gates along all highways, Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways and Shipping Minister, Nitin Gadkari on Wednesday announced that all toll collection at toll gates across all National Highways will be suspended till midnight of November 11. Similarly, banks will be working on Saturday and Sunday this week (November 12 and 13) to help fasten the exchange process of old high denomination currency announced RBI.

It may be noted that while there is no limit to deposit old currency in banks, for exchange the limit is upto Rs 4000 per person. The exchange will continue till December 30 starting Thursday.


Here are some pictures and one liners that ruled the social media post the demonetisation declaration:

  • News channels had prepared for Clinton and Trump, Modi came out of syllabus!!
  • Meanwhile Rahul Gandhi buys all talcum powder from the market to convert black money to white

social money troll

social money fun


  •  “Sab se zyada problem to Big Boss ke contestants ko hone wali hai, Un becharon ko to pata bhi nahi bahar kya chal raha hai. Jab tak bahar aayenge, tab tak sab khatam!!”
  • Breaking news from Apollo, Chennai: Amma gets up from Apollo hearing this news
  • “Don’t worry friends! I will accept all your Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes without asking any question….Rs.12 per Kg”
  • American counting votes, Indians counting notes.
  • Trump: I am going to hog the limelight today. Modi: Bro, please!!


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