Delhi man kills 7-year-old boy, hides body in suitcase for a month


New Delhi: In a shocking incident, the body of a 7-year-old boy was recovered from a suitcase in Delhi’s Swarup Nagar. The child was kidnapped over a month ago.

A relative named Avdesh has been arrested in the case. Avdesh had kidnapped the child, murdered him and kept his body in a suitcase for over a month. He was making ransom calls to the family, as per a source.

The child was abducted on January 7 from outside his father’s shop in Nathupura, after which a probe was launched into the matter.

Avdesh was said to be close to the family and had also filed the FIR on the family’s behalf. He was also helping the family look for the kidnapped child, the source said.

The police are questioning the accused and efforts to recover the body are underway.

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