Damodar Rout declares himself as the ‘most inefficient’ man in government


Bhubaneswar:  Minister Damodar Rout during the Assemble session on Monday in a statement has declared himself as the ‘most inefficient’ and ‘helpless’ person in the government. Citing the reason for not being able to operate defunct sugar mills and cold storages in the state, Minister has been reported to make the derogatory statement against himself.

While replying an adjournment debate on closure of sugar mills causing frustration among farmers, Rout shouted in the assemble saying, “Do not make me ashamed me by referring that I am most able minister in the state. I am, in fact, the most inefficient and helpless minister in the government.

Rout having years of experience in politics, said he had brought laurels for the state as Pancahayati Raj, Agriculture and other ministers. But he said that he has failed in Co-operation department.

The minister said he did not get adequate support from the bureaucracy to take up welfare programmes, be it revival of defunct sugar mills or cold storages which could help farmers to a great extent.

The minister also said that though he has a lot of ideas to help the farmers and make Cooperation department viable, he could not do it because of the lack of attitude and cooperation from the bureaucracy.

Rout also admitted in the House that the farmers are under duress for closure of sugar mills and cold storages.

Rout said there are five sugar mills in the state of which only two were in operation. Remaining three sugar mills have been closed due to several factors and his efforts to revive such units have faced hurdles from the bureaucracy.

He said that even after repeated trial for conducting a meeting with the agriculture department has gone in vain.

The minister, however, assured the House that he would again try to make such defunct sugar mills operational.

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