Dama apologises for ‘beggar’ remark to Brahmin


Bhubaneswar: After coming under fire for his ‘beggar’ remarks on Brahmins, Agriculture Minister Damodar Rout, sought an apology through a video uploaded on social media on Thursday.

Rout posted the video on his Facebook page, saying he is sorry for insulting Brahmins and that his words were wrongly interpreted.

“The Brahmins belong to the upper caste in our religion. We respect them and provide them with alms during need as begging is their tradition. I have not insulted the Brahmins, but have said they are a superior caste, their blessing is a virtue. Therefore, we provide them with alms to earn virtue.  Our culture instructs us to respect them. Am I not a part of the culture? The wrong message has spread because of political reasons,” said Rout.

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