Cyclone Sagar to make landfall in Somalia


New Delhi: Cyclone Sagar is in the Gulf of Aden and is now centered near latitude 12°N and Longitude 46.4°E. It is currently situated 170 km east-southeast of Aden (Yemen) and about 790 km south-southwest of the Socotra Islands.

The cyclone has moved west southwestward at a speed of 18 kmph along with sustained winds of 80 kmph gusting up to 100 kmph. Sagar is expected to remain a cyclone for another 12 hours wherein the winds may increase even further.

The sea surface temperature is at 31 degrees Celsius in the Gulf of Aden which is quite conducive for the sustenance of the weather system. Winds may be around 100-130 kmph for another 12 hours.

The system is expected to make landfall along the coastline of Somalia in the latter part of the evening and will maintain the strength of a cyclone during that time. Thereafter, the system may reduce in strength.

Thus, torrential rainfall is expected over the areas of Somalia, Djibouti, as well as Ethiopia. These nations are expected to see high velocity winds as well as flooding rains as and when the storm makes landfall over the region.

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