Customs intelligence officers to be posted in China to curb black money


New Delhi: In a bid to check black money, trade-based money laundering and financial frauds, India has decided to post Customs intelligence officers in China soon.

Sources said two posts of the Customs Overseas Intelligence Network (COIN) have been created in the Indian Embassy in Beijing and in the Consulate General of India at Guangzhou.

The Finance Ministry has begun the process to select officers for the postings.

Sources said a significant import and export is done between India and China. Therefore, it was considered imperative to expand the snoop network to China, the sources said.

In the past, Customs authorities in India have detected a few cases of smuggling to and from China, officials said.

COIN officers have been posted in several countries, including Nepal, Singapore, Brussels, the US and the UK, to help Indian authorities check smuggling, the officials said.

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