Construction of chariots in Puri begins on Akshaya Tritiya


Puri: The 21-day water sports festival ‘Chandan Yatra’ of the Trinity kicked off yesterday on the auspicious occasion of Akshaya Tritiya.

As per tradition, Madanmohan, the representative idol of Lord Jagannath, His consort Goddess Laxmi as well as five Shivalingas, known as  Pancha Pandavas, were taken in a procession from the temple in six palanquins along the Grand Road (Badadanda) to Narendra tank.

The decorated palanquins were carried by a special set of servitors known as Biman Badu accompanied by temple musicians reciting notes of Geeta Gobinda and Odissi bhajans. Youths of various schools of martial arts displayed their skills along the Badadabda during the procession. The devotees accompanying the procession participate in the bathing ritual and join the grand feast.

On their arrival at Narendra tank, the deities were given sandalwood paste and aromatic water bath by the servitors. Later, the deities were taken in procession to their respective boats which were shaped as giant swans. The deities boat in the tank till late in the evening and return to the temple in the same grand manner. This scene is repeated every day and on completion of 21 days, the concluding ceremony known as ‘Bhaunri’ is observed with display of fireworks and music.

Meanwhile, Construction of chariots of the Trinity for the annual Rath Yatra began on Wednesday.

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