Constable suspended for giving service rifle to mystery girl at R-day parade


Bhubaneswar: A constable was suspended for allegedly handing over his service gun to a mysterious girl at the State-level Republic Day parade at the Mahatma Gandhi Marg here on Saturday.

Bhagyadhar Nayak, a constable of the 6th Battalion, OSAP, has been placed under suspension for violating police service code of conduct, a senior official said.

The matter came to light after a video of the accused constable giving his AK-47 rifle to a girl went viral on social media platforms. After the video did rounds on social networking sites, Twin City Police Commissioner Satyajit Mohanty suspended for dereliction of the duty and subsequently ordered a probe.

In the video clip, the constable was seen giving the AK-47 assault rifle to a girl, whose face was covered with a black stole. They were also seen exchanging words before the unknown girl returned the weapon to the cop.

However, it is yet to be ascertained under which circumstances the police constable had handed over his service weapon to the girl, and the reason behind such action.

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