Congress will wipe out poverty from country: Rahul Gandhi


Jaipur: Congress chief Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday promised it will eradicate poverty in the country after coming to power. It will be a “surgical strike” on poverty.

He said his party had been working on how to eradicate poverty for the last six months.

Addressing a rally in Suratgarh a day after declaring a minimum income guarantee scheme for the poorest 20 per cent households if voted to power, the Congress president said only the rich could dream under the Narendra Modi rule.

“We will eradicate poverty in the country. This is a ‘dhamaka’. No country has done this in history. There should not be a single poor person in the country,” Gandhi said. He said his party would work to reduce unemployment if it comes to power.

Gandhi alleged that Modi had helped those who have accumulated black money. He said those lifted from poverty by the UPA government were made poor in the last five years.

The Congress president said  14 crore people were lifted from poverty by the UPA government. “It is a shame that there are still 25 crore poor people in the country,” Gandhi said.

He alleged that the UPA government had launched schemes over 10 years but Modi ended them all.

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