Comprehensive training programme for all employees of Indian Railways


New Delhi: Under the direction of Minister of Railways & Coal, Piyush Goyal, a comprehensive plan for imparting training to all employees of Indian Railways is being prepared with a view to upgrading skill & knowledge.

This comprehensive training programme named as “Project Saksham” will help boost productivity and efficiency.

Under this plan, all employees in each zone will be put through a week’s training in skills and knowledge relevant to their work area over next one year.

General Managers have been advised that such priority training need should be quickly identified for each category of employees (employees can be grouped into their work areas) based on the needs of respective zone.

This training shall be a five-day on the job training or as classroom training in Railway Training Centre depending on the nature of training. The training, as per the calendar, must be completed within 9 months.

This training will not only upgrade skill of each of the employees but also go a long way in improving the performance of the Indian Railways.

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