Commissionerate Police to be strict with reckless driving, driving without license


Bhubaneswar: In a strong move the Commissionerate Police on Sunday has cracked the whip on driving procedures in the Twin City and has warned the public from reckless driving, driving under influence, driving without helmet, over speeding, driving without seat belt on and driving without license, as it will revoke or suspend their driving license.

Commissioner of Police, Bhubaneswar-Cuttack Y B Khurania said, the drivers have to face hefty fines if found guilty of such cases along with the imprisonment in some cases (if required).

In order to get the Traffic Police of the Twin City in action and to equip them with the required material, the Transport department has been informed regarding the same to provide the ample amount of Laser speed guns and Interceptor vehicles to measure speed limit in the cities.

Few days ago, the Commissionerate Police took stringent action against a youth who on social media shared a video of him speeding at 130 kmph near the Commissionerate office.

Drivers are now being warned to follow the speed limits or face hefty fines. The speed limit has been kept to 50 kmph and if anyone caught exceeding the speed limit repeatedly could see those having fork out more cash and would result in the cancellation of their driving license along with the jail term, as directed by Commissionerate Police.

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