Cobra, 22 hatchlings rescued in Nabarangpur village


Nabarangpur: A female cobra along with 22 hatchlings has been rescued from the backyard of a house at Papadahandi in Nabarangpur district on Wednesday evening.

According to reports, some labourers who were working in the backyard of a house of one Sailabala Patnaik found snake scale lying on the ground. In the meantime, a labourer spotted a snake entering a rat hole and immediately informed the house owner.

On intimation, a snake helpline worker reached the spot and unearthed the reptile nest. The snake charmer then rescued an 8-foot-long cobra and 22 hatchlings from the house’s backyard.

In the meanwhile, scores of people reached the village to see the cobras as soon as the news spread in the locality. Reportedly, the cobra and the hatchlings have been released into the nearby forest.

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