Class XII students smash windows of 16 cars in Chandigarh post-beer party


Chandigarh: Seven drunken students of a government school in Chandigarh smashed the window panes of 16 cars in order to allegedly take revenge against their economics teacher.

The incident occurred in the city’s Sector 37 and 40 respectively and all students lived in the same area.

According to reports, the teacher allegedly scolded one of the students for remaining absent for three days from school.

The prime accused was angry with his teacher as she scolded him in front of all students, following which he along with his six other friends hatched a plan to take revenge.

On the night of July 26, the prime accused invited his other friends to his place for a night out. They drank some beers on his house’s roof and went to the area in Sector 43 where the residence of the economic teacher was.

However, there was a PCR van near the house and they decided to not break car’s glasses in order to avoid police.

From Sector 43, they went to Sector 37 and the drunken youth collected stones and smashed window panes of random cars parked on the roadsides in Sector 37 and 40. Not only this, they also stole various items from the cars as well.

Police have arrested all accused, which included five minors. All of the students were residents of Sector 41, Chandigarh, and were classmates in the same government school.

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