Clash between BJB college students


Bhubaneswar: Severe tension was seen in BJB Autonomous college campus here on Monday when two groups of students clashed and attacked each other with hockey sticks and stumps. A +3 1st year student Abhishek Mohapatra has a deep head injury and his hand has also fractured.

The rival student groups took to violence over a November 27 incident when a non-student entered the Ambedkar hostel and after smoking a cigarette blew the smog to a student’s face. The two rival groups scuffled over this incident on December 1.

One group of students smashed the bike of a student from the rival group. Therefore Ambedkar hostel students and 70 to 80 boys of Badagada villages were face to face over this issue on Friday also.

On Monday, the two rival groups were face to face again around 12 noon when one group of students attacked around 40 students of the rival group while they were going to Commerce block from Arts block. Ironically, the entire clash took place before the police who were already present there due to the ongoing incidents of violence.

To control the situation above two platoons of police were deployed on Monday.  Over this incident the college principal Nawaz Hasan has called for a meeting with parents of the students.

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