City to come up with ‘Automatic Traffic Control System’


Bhubaneswar:  City residents may soon miss the white hat sleuths waving their hands in the major squares in the city to control the traffic system , with the Commissionerate police planning to develop an automated traffic control system here in the city.

Controlling the traffic nowadays has become a major issue in the Twin City due to rapid increase in automobiles and also due to large time delays between traffic lights. The Commissionerate has planned to develop a modern traffic management system that would work on real time sensor data to deal with the traffic problem here in the city.

As per the proposed plan, the signal timing changes automatically on sensing the traffic density at the junction. Traffic congestion due to conventional traffic light system has become a nightmare for the commuters in the city. Junction allotted timings are fixed. Sometimes higher traffic density at one side of the junction demands longer green time as compared to standard allotted time.

Police Commissioner Yogesh Bahadur Khurania has said that the plan would soon be implemented initially with 15 major traffic junctions in the city. He said the plan has been outlaid with the following facts in mind.

  • Traffic enforcement squad would be deployed at every traffic junction.
  • The lawbreakers on road would immediately be penalized and arrested.
  • Traffic patrolling van would roll down continuously for controlling any traffic issue arising at any point of time in the city.
  • Strict policies would be implemented on the national highways.
  • The speed rate of every vehicle would be measured by laser guns and the suspected commuter would be warned and penalized.
  • People would be informed through the LED light sign boards regarding traffic congestion in any particular area of the city due to riots, rally or other reasons for road blockage.
  • A motorist caught driving under the influence of liquor would be liable to be charged with the offence of drunken driving and would also be fined.

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