China to re-launch World’s fastest bullet train


Beijing: China will launch the world’s fastest bullet train in September, running at 350 kilometers (217 miles) per hour.

It will shorten the travel time between Beijing and Shanghai by more than hour.

As per sources, after several successful test runs, the train, called “Fuxing” (rejuvenation) will operate regularly from September 21 with an average speed of 350 kph and a maximum speed of 400 kph.

A total of seven pairs of trains will be launched that will make 14 return trips a day over a distance of 1,318 km separating the two cities.

The train will run about 50 kph faster than the previous versions that ran at about 300 kph.

China has spent an estimated $360 billion on high-speed rail, building by far the largest network in the world.

This new, homegrown bullet train model also includes a sophisticated monitoring system that can automatically slow down the train in case of emergencies or unusual conditions.

China has the longest railway network in the world, accounting for around 60 per cent of the global total.

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