China Asks India To Deal With Hong Kong Directly Over Nirav Modi Issue


Beijing: China on Monday conveyed to the Indian authorities to deal directly with Hong Kong over Nirav Modi’s arrest, as he is suspected to be living somewhere there. The Chinese authorities cited that they have their own region with its own set of judicial rules and India need to deal directly with authorities.

Nirav Modi is the prime accused in the USD 2 billion PNB bank fraud case and is believed to in Chinese territory.

“According to the one country two system and basic laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) and the assistance and authorisation of the central government, the Hong Kong SAR can make a proper arrangement on judicial mutual assistance with other countries,” Chinese official said.

Hong Kong official said,“If India has made a relevant request to the Hong Kong SAR (Special Administrative Region), we leave the matter to the Hong Kong SAR and hope that it will follow the basic laws and relevant judicial system agreement with India to deal with the relevant issue”.

Hong Kong has its own separate independent system where China can have a say only in defence and external affairs. While India has previously made an extradition treaty with Hong Kong, there has been no such agreement done with China.

Nirav Modi, who is from a long time on the lists of rich Indians since 2013 was named in the huge scam along with other companies like Diamond R US, Stellar Diamond and Solar Exports, and also an uncle and business partner. The scam was admitted by the Punjab National Bank in February and leading to a massive upheaval in the country’s banking system.

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