Child mortality sky rocketing in Kandhamal


Bhubaneswar: While the state government has been promising myriad welfare schemes for the benefits of children and women in the state the results are quite disheartening especially in Kandhamal district where more than 2000 infants have died in the last two years.

As per sources, there were 14,499 child births from January to December 2015 out of which 499 died in the prenatal stages. The data showed that about 266 male fetal deaths and 233 female deaths occurred during the whole year.

Likewise, about 475 newborn kids died out of which 256 were males and 229 were females during the post natal stages.

In 2016, out of 15,000 infants, 502 died during the pre-birth period while there were 454 neo-natal deaths during the year.

The number of child deaths could be much higher in case of non-governmental data statistics, noted social activist Ashok Parida said.

Inappropriate implementation of government schemes, lack of doctors at various primary and community health centres could be the reason for such high rate of infant mortality rates, he said

Further nutrition centres for alleviating cases of malnourishment have been established in Baliguda, Phulbani but there are similar conditions of impoverishment in those centres leading to so many child deaths.

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