Centre refuses to declare Bada Danda as ‘no-flying zone’


Puri: The Union Civil Aviation Ministry refused to declare the Bada Danda or the Grand Road in Puri as ‘no-flying zone’ during the Rath Yatra beginning on July 14.

Puri SP Sarthak Sarangi on Thursday said that the Ministry in a letter has made it clear that the request cannot be considered as this is an international flying route with a clarification that there was no threat to Bada Danda as the overseas passenger jets fly at a height of 35,000 feet.

It also said that if any plane flying at a height of 10,000 feet, the pilot has to give the signal to the nearest airport.

Odisha Police had written to Ministry of Civil Aviation for declaring Bada Danda in Puri as ‘no fly zone’ during Rath Yatra.

Police said they have no objection if helicopters and aeroplanes fly at high altitude, over 30,000 feet. Besides this, Odisha Police had also requested Ministry of Home Affairs for deploying National Security Guard (NSG) commandos.

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