Centre has some duties at least, should CM fall on knees before Union, no! Says BJD


Bhubaneswar: State BJP’s comments on BJD’s failures to contain the deadly JE outbreak and negligence in not asking for assistance from Union Government did not go well with the ruling BJD which immediately retaliated as senior leader and Minister of Cooperation, Excise Damodar Rout in his usual skeptical tone on Sunday asking are there no responsibilities of Centre or will the CM go and fall bent of knees before health minister seeking help on the issue.

“Culling of pigs will not solve the issue. Besides, State Government is trying to find the reasons behind the outbreak. So the Union Government should appoint specialists to find plausible solution to the issue,” Rout said.

Earlier on the day, BJP criticized the ruling party of negligence and dereliction in taking appropriate steps to contain the disease. Noting several loopholes in actions taken by government like inappropriate number of nets in the most afflicted Malkangiri district, improper and non proven ways to cull down pigs, fake reports of death toll due to outbreak, non review of the scenario during preceding years, the opposition party heaped criticisms on BJD ruled Government.

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