Cabinet approves handloom policy, looks to upgrade sector


Bhubaneswar: To transform the handloom section into an attractive profession, the state introduced a Handloom Policy during the cabinet meeting here in the city on Wednesday. The policy was approved in a bid to ensure adequate credit flow and facilitate quality raw material, machinery and equipment at reasonable price to upgrade the handloom sector of the state.

With total weaver population of 192,000 comprising 40683 families working with 43652 handlooms, the state has a special recognition in the handloom map of the country. But certain factors including trend of fashion, modernization through mill and others have posed a threat to the sector. The government during the meeting eyed with certain objectives towards upliftment of the industry.

Some of the major objectives include, increasing production by improving production chain management and induction of new looms, providing continuous work and remunerative income, ensuring quality, upgrading marketing strategy at par with marketing of branded items, modifying human resources development strategy and welfare measures for the weavers, renewing of languishing fabrics and preservation of heritage.

Simultaneously the state emphasized on certain elements towards the achievement of the targeted objectives which includes, promoting entrepreneurs and enterprise development in the sector, providing common infrastructure for mass production, marketing, warehousing and packaging, facilitating marketing and export through quality production, product development, exhibitions, urban haats, malls, etc.

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