Budget session going nowhere with daily protests in Assembly


Bhubaneswar: Everyday a new issue is taken up in turns by the three major parties of the state causing uproar leading to adjournments and thus whiling away precious Budget session time in the Assembly.

The first day saw pandemonium over Prime Minister Modi’s remarks calling Odisha poor while demand on action over farmers issues took the next couple of days. Now, remarks by a BJD MLA have been taken up by BJP while Congress and BJD are back to sqaure one.

On Thursday, BJD MLA Mahesh Sahu had used inappropriate words against the PM while critcising his anti-Odisha statement. BJP had opposed this and created ruckus in the House over the usage of the insulting word. On Friday, as soon as the session began, BJP members began protesting against the BJD MLA’s statement on Modi and demanded apology. While the Assembly was adjourned multiple times, Sahu later apologised for using an unsuitable word but said he was not regretting protesting PM Modi’s derogatory remarks on the state. Many BJD MLAs even demanded a censure motion against the PM.

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