Brussels Airport Blast: 20 Dead,Two Indian Jet Airways Crew Wounded


March 22, 2016 10:55 PM IST

New Delhi: After a few days lull terrorism has shown its ugly face again in Europe, this time in Belgian capital Brussels. According to reports, as many as 20 people died as twin blasts rocked Brussels’ Zaventem air-port today morning leaving 20 dead and around 35 injured. Two Indian origin Jet Airways crews have also sustained injuries in the incident.

If to go by External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj’s statements today, she has confirmed the injury of one crew member of the Jet Airways, which landed shortly before the explosions at the airport. Two Jet Airways planes from India-one from Delhi and the other from Mumbai-were at the airport when the explosions heard. While Swaraj informed, an injured Indian lady crew member of Jet Airways has been rushed to the hospital following blast injury, media reports claims there were two.

Worth mentioning, twin explosions heard at the Brussels’ Zaventem Airport today morning at around 8am (IST) preceded by shouting in Arabic language. Soon after, a blast occurred at the entrance to the Maelbeek subway station, spreading chaos in and around the area.

The blasts at the Brussels’ Zaventem Airport points at a retaliatory suicidal mission, taking into consideration the fact that, the prime accused of Paris attack Salah Abdeslam was nabbed from here, a few days ago.

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