BrahMos Cruise Missile test fired successfully


Balasore: BrahMos supersonic cruise missile was successfully test-fired from Launchpad 3 of the Integrated Test Range (ITR) at Chandipur at 10.39am on Monday.

The trial was conducted to validate its “life extension” technologies developed for the first time in India by DRDO and team BraHmos, said an official of the ITR.

Defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman congratulated DRDO scientists and team BrahMos for the successful launch of BraHmos missile with new technology.

The two-stage missile—first being solid and the second one, a ramjet liquid propellant—has already been introduced in the Army and Navy, while the Air Force version had witnessed successful trial, the DRDO scientists said. BrahMos variants can be launched from land, air, sea and underwater. BrahMos is the first Indian missile whose life has been extended from 10 to 15 years.

The Indian Army has already inducted three regiments of BrahMos in its arsenal. All are equipped with Block-III version of the missile.

The land-attack version of BrahMos has been operationalised in the Indian Army since 2007.

The fire-and-forget missile has the capability to take on surface targets by flying a combined hi-lo trajectory, thus evading enemy air defence systems.

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