BJP’s poll win is like Dengue, once sanitation is improved it will perish: Damodar Rout


Bhubaneswar: Senior BJD leader and Minister Damodar Rout on Thursday cited BJP’s recent resurgence during the ensuing panchuyat polls as a fluke while commenting that the saffron party’s wins can be compared to Dengue which gets clear once sanitation-BJD’s infirmities- is improved.

Rout generally noted for his crisis management and infamous for his scathing and really intriguing statements against his rivals said media persons that administration is not done through imagination but rather through experience.

Indirectly taking dig at the somewhat younger and inefficient leadership within the present ruling party, Rout said the present BJD is like vexed with sanitation problems, and that they need to be axed.  Once the sanitation problems are cleared, the dengue will also be cleared.

Recently the BJD supremo has indicated of strong actions against the leaders who did not vie correctly for the polls leading to the surprising fall of the party in major stronghold areas and consequent rise of the saffron party.

Political analysts explain that infighting, dissatisfaction and groupism within grass root BJD activism added by the Supremo Naveen Patnaik’s no show during the polls have given ample opportunity to the opposition especially BJP to make high grounds and score unprecedented wins.

Notably, BJP has made great leaps during this year’s polls by notching up a total of 126 out of 848 seats after completion of first two phase panchayat polls while compared to 17 seats grabbed during the last time in 2012.

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