BJP’s poll funding allegations backfire, BJD alleges Jual Oram for furnishing false poll expenses details


Bhubaneswar: Amid the row of poll funding allegations raised by BJP against Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, the BJD today counter attacked the saffron party by raising allegations on Jual Oram’s poll expenses furnished in an affidavit.

BJP MP Pinaki Mishra in a Press conference here alleged that Oram has furnished false details of his poll expenses in the affidavit submitted to the election commission. He stated, the Union Minister in his affidavit with dated April 11,2014, mentioned that he had received Rs I lakh in five installments and Rs 40,000 at a time, totaling Rs 1,40,000 against election expenses but he had not mentioned the source of that fund or where from the amount was received.

BJP spokesperson Pratap Deb claimed that the details of poll expenses provided by Oram is mismatching from the details of expenses mentioned by him in two separate documents which indicates of discrepancies or misinformation in the affidavit regarding poll funding and expenses.

Meanwhile, the BJP also demanded resignation of the Union Minister over the alleged discrepancies in furnishing the details of poll expenses in the affidavit produced before the commission.

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