BJD hints of possible support for grand alliance with Cong against BJP


Bhubaneswar : In a big breakthrough that would completely change the political scenario in state, the BJD has hinted a big political development with senior leader and MP Bhartuhari Mahatab on Wednesday not playing down chances of party’s support to Congress in a grand alliance to topple the BJP.

With the ensuing UP elections up around the corner and talks of a grand alliance in order to contest against BJP going on in each and every political debate, the BJD has rebuffed its decision to support the weakened Congress in a bid to challenge BJP.

“The next UP elections would determine our strategy. We have always maintained equal distance from both BJP and Congress but times have changed. Congress is no more strong the way it was. Its power has been limited with popularity and mandate shrinking to few states only,” Mahatab said.

“As far as present conditions are concerned, we will introspect our general viewpoint towards an alliance with Congress. We have never formed an alliance with it but after proper consideration and looking at next developments possibility of such a thing cannot be played down,” Mahatab added.

Arguing for party’s supports for Congress, Mahatab said, it had earlier supported BJD in raising the special status category demand to the state. “The Congress definitely looked at the welfare of the state and since its position towards the state has changed so we cannot deny formation of a new equation,” he said.

“Besides it is the decision of the party supremo and after looking at all things appropriate decision would be taken,” he added.

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