Bitten by poisonous insect, woman seeks sorcerer’s help in Dhenkanal village


Dhenkanal: In yet another incident of regressive practices still being followed, a woman of Gundichanali village under Kamakhyanagar block of Dhenkanal district sought the help of black magic instead of medical assistance after she was bitten by a venomous insect.

Reportedly, the women bitten by a poisonous insect went to a local sorcerer named Bharat Sahu, where the latter was seen placing a plate (thali) on the patient’s back while chanting mantras to cure her.

According to the villagers, the locals prefer to get treated by the sorcerer, in cases of snake-bites or related ailments. At least 10 to 20 persons of the locality visit the sorcerer daily for treatment.

Kamkhyanagar divisional medical officer, Ratnakar Samal, in a statement to the media said that though the hospitals in the locality have all the facilities and medications required for treatment of patients, the villagers prefer to go for the black magic cure, due to lack of awareness.

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