Bird flu: Culling begins in Keranga


Bhubaneswar: The district administration has begun culling of birds today in the Keranga village of Khurda where bird flu virus has been spotted. Overall, 908 chicken, 108 ducks and 150 other birds have been decided to be culled to prevent the virus from spreading further.

Though on Tuesday morning, villagers resisted the culling of their birds by the team sent by district administration, today the villagers were convinced and culling process began. The culling team members first underwent health check up and were given preventive medicine for bird flu and then they wore the PPE kit to proceed for culling. two teams of 10 members each have begun the culling process.

Collector Niranjan Sahu and his team had met the villagers to convince them for the culling. The villagers will be paid Rs 20 per 150 gm chicken and Rs 90 for anything above 150 gm. The Collector had promised the villagers to be given rs 25 extra from the Red Cross fund.

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