Bird festival kicks off in Similipal


Baripada: Bird lovers have gathered in the Similipal National Park to take part in the Similipal Bird Festival that kicked off on Thursday. The two month long event includes conservation education, field trips and bird spotting and watching.

Over 200 participants from nearby villages of Kaptipada and Udala as well as from other places of the state have enrolled for the festival to celebrate the bio diversity of the region.

Organised by local outfit Gram Swaraj along with Similipal Biosphere Reserve and Baripada and Rairangpur forest divisions, the festival will be covering the Kalo Dam catchment area in Baripada, Suleipat Dam catchment area in Rairangpur and Chakdi valley on both sides of Budhabalanga river.

“So far 1076 species of plants, 42 species of mammals, 29 species of reptiles and 12 species of amphibians. So far 361 species of birds have been found here,” said Deepak Pani, the secretary of Gram Swaraj.

Some of the birds spotted in this region include peafowl, fowl, doves, crested serpent eagle, shahin falcon and many more. This event is an attempt to revive biodiversity and strengthen nature conservation, said the organisers. The participants will be taught the techniques of spotting birds and photographing them as well as helping conservation of the natural resources in the region. A photo exhibition will also be held here.

The festival will continue till January 31.

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