Biju Yuva Vahini volunteers help youth cremate ostracised father’s body


Jharsuguda: The body of a septuagenarian was carried to the local cremation ground by his son with the help of Biju Yuva Vahini volunteers after the village community refused to help in his last rites.

The incident has been reported from Bagarachaka village in Rajpur panchayat in the district. Sources said that Bhukal Uramala (72) was ostracised by the villagers as he was suffering from leprosy.

Apart from being ostracised from the village community, the septuagenarian was also abandoned by his relatives following the illness.

When he passed away, his son sought help from the local village community to cremate the body. However, none came forward to take part in his last rites.

On intimation, the local volunteers of the Biju Yuva Vahini rushed to help the youth and assisted the bereaved son in cremating Bhukal’s body.

The noble and timely action of the BJD’s youth wing has drawn high appreciation from the locals and observers of the society.

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