Bhaskareswar, Megheswar temples’ condition inspected


Bhubaneswar: Historically important pilgrimage sites of Bhaskareswar and Megheswar in the city of temples were inspected by officials of local administration and endowment department on Wednesday.

After loads of reports regarding the obscenity in sanitation, cleanliness and non maintenance of the temples came from various sections of society, urgent steps regarding the case were seen on the part of BMC officials.

Some inspecting officials toured and reviewed the overall conditions and discussed various issues with the locals on safe keeping and management of both sites.

Notably, the temples which come under the purview of ASI have been neglected from many aspects. Especially the nearby areas of Megheswar were spotted with loads of garbage which has been creating unaesthetic scenes. Similarly the condition nearby the Bhaskareswar is also not much better.

Meanwhile, the administration has promised for a new disposal bin near the Bhaskareswar temple and urged the locals to participate in voluntary maintenance of the sites. They urged to give the matter a serious note and bring it to notice of ASI.

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