Bharat Bandh: Trade union strike partially affects banking services


New Delhi: Banking services were partially affected due to nation-wide trade union strike on Tuesday.

Reports said banking operations were affected in some parts of the country as a section of employees abstained from work.

They supported  the two-day strike call given by 10 central trade unions to protest against alleged anti-labour policies of the government.

All India Bank Employees’ Association (AIBEA) and Bank Employees’ Federation of India (BEFI) have supported the strike.

This has impacted banking operation in the area where these two unions are strong.

According to reports, operation in SBI and private sector banks have remained unaffected as other seven unions in the banking sector have not participated in the strike.

Many public sector banks have already informed their customers about likely impact it may have on the services if strike continues.

The strike has been called for January 8 and 9 by the central trade unions against the alleged repressive policies for workers adopted by the Centre.

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