Bengaluru’s Varthur Lake spills toxic foam again


Bengaluru: After the froth, the flames – one of Bengaluru’s two biggest lakes is following its pattern with a large fire reported on Tuesday morning; hours after foam shot up from the water and sprayed drivers in the crowded eastern part of India’s Silicon Valley.

Varthur Lake saw a thick cover of smoke after a pile of garbage was reportedly set on fire near the lake.

That has proved to be an extremely dangerous violation of rules in the past – in February, the city’s largest lake, Bellandur, turned into a danger zone after flames covered the lake, sending regular plumes of smoke into the sky.

An investigation revealed that the fire was caused by garbage being lit.

Last Friday, the Karnataka government held a meeting to plan cleaning up the lake. But officials said the plan is likely to be implemented only after the government finishes work on the Bellandur Lake.

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