Bargarh Dhanu Yatra ends with death of mighty Kansa


Bargarh: The reign of king Kansa in the world famous Dhanu Yatra in Bargarh ended on Tuesday with his death at the hands of Lord Krishna and Lord Balaram.

The mighty roaring king finally collapsed on the pandal of his Ranga Shabha marking the end of the 11-day-long Dhanu Yatra, billed as the biggest open air theatre of the world.

Kansa, after hearing Daivi Bani(voice from the heaven) about his death and the killer had taken all precautions to save his life from Bal Krishna. Even, he had gone to the extent of killing all the eight children of his sister Devaki, the mother of Krishna. But his death was pre-destined.

Finally, the scheming king rolled on the ladders of his huge pandal to finally fall silent after experiencing the omnipotence of the two divine kids. The end of the fest marked the victory of virtue over vice.

On the invitation of Kansa, the two brothers, Krishna and Balaram, had come to Mathura Nagari for the Dhanu Yatra.

Kansa was sure that he could kill the duo as he was unaware of their divine power and relied more on his muscle power.

He also fought with them and lastly was killed. Lord Krishna’s incarnation was meant to destroy all the evil forces.

Bhubaneswar Pradhan who was playing the role of Kansa will visit the holy town Puri to offer prayers at Lord Jagannath temple and take a bath in the sea to wash out the sins he committed while being in the character.

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